Inventor Support

We can help you take your product from idea to market

Manufacturer Support

Do you need advanced equipment for a part or project? Or expertise in design and prototyping?

Inventor Support


So you have a great idea but you don't know where to start. This is usually the dilemma that new inventors face. The first step is to do a bit of homework by following the Before You Get Started section to the right of this text.

When you're done your homework in the Before You Get Started section, here is how we can help:

  1. A business advisor and a technical advisor will have an initial meeting with you to explore your idea from a business opportunity and a product development perspective.  All advisors have signed confidentiality agreements and non-competes. Disclosing your idea to these advisors will not affect your ability to patent the idea and it will be kept in strict confidence.
  2. From the initial meeting, a plan of action will be explored on both product development and business opportunity.  The Innovation will outline what resources we can provide, connect you to other expertise or resources, and provide an indication of what will be needed from you.
  3. We can help with design, prototyping, testing, market research/market assessment, and overall feasibility.

The first step begins with that meeting.  We are excited to hear about your innovative product idea and to see how we can help. We have the expertise, equipment, and connections so please reach out.


So you have an idea for a great new product.  We have couple of key questions for you prior to getting started:

  1. Have you done some basic research online to see if there is a similar product on the market?  If so, how is your idea different?
  2. Can you outline who would use your product (type of person or business) and what they are currently using  to meet their needs?  A general idea is helpful.

Manufacturing Support


MI-zone’s goals include supporting our region’s manufacturers in the following ways:

There are two ways to access this capacity:

  • Our technicians can assist with design, programming, prototyping and small run manufacturing
  • Or we can work with you to train you or your staff to operate the equipment through our community use program
  • We also offer or link to training on design, manufacturing techniques and business development.
  • Support for design the product or parts so they consider manufacturability – material, labour and quality considerations
  • Our business support includes assistance with funding, market assessments, market strategy and more.

To get started call or email us to set up a free and confidential initial meeting and we can outline the support available.

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