Activity Report April 2016 to February 2017

Business What Happened
Local Manufacturer MI-zone developed and produced a jig for a local manufacturer
Local Innovator MI-zone helped with initial development work on a product design challenge.  This was followed by prototype development, manufacturing and assistance with testing.  The product is still currently under development.
Other - Local research spin-out Prototype manufactured for medical equipment and assistance with process refinement was provided by MI-zone.  Company will continue to work with MI-zone for the development and manufacturing of the refined prototype.
Early-stage local business developing a niche product line Client had a rough design, MI-zone assisted with developing a solid works design and initial prototype. The client has conducted testing.  The product design was refined and another prototype was manufactured.  The client has excellent connections to the market through channels developed for his other product. During the past quarter the product has been further refined based on market feedback.
Large local manufacturer Assisted with the prototype design for a testing tool for their manufacturing process.
Local niche manufacturer and product developer MI-zone with some support of the IRAP Advance program, designed and built the prototype for a new product and process. Another local manufacturer assisted with the development of this product. The client is using the new process in their manufacturing and evaluating the opportunity for selling the equipment to other similar small scale manufacturers.
Local Innovator The innovator worked with MI-zone on the 3D design of the product.  The client has used a few samples to test the market.  This product requires plastic injection molding for his manufacturing process.  Patent assistance was also provided.
Local Manufacturer The client approached MI-zone with the need to produce drawings for a replacement.  This was completed and manufacturing with the MI-zone equipment was a fit for this product.  During the past quarter additional prototyping has been completed for new products from this same business.
Local Manufacturer Assistance in Solid Works 3D design training for the engineering design staff of this small business to support the ongoing and complex customizations required by the company’s clients.  The company has now undertaken additional prototype development using several local manufacturing shops including MI-zone for a new larger product and has expanded into a new location.  The Innovation Centre has supported the client in accessing the required financing for this expansion.
Local Manufacturer Development of a new improved product for existing manufacturer including product design, prototype manufacturing, process improvements, testing and finally small market validation.  The product was launched in the market. The product has been very well received and the business owner is now exploring options for moving the production away from MI-zone equipment. In addition to this product development MI-zone connected and supported a project with this manufacturer with a new research and development company for another product.
Local Manufacturer Continued product design, development and testing for this company including assistance in the development of the testing mechanism to allow for rapid development and fine tuning of the product.  The College has provided space for this testing facility.